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A Meeting of Minds

Welcome to the Home page of the Probus Club of Ottawa - Rideau Valley in Manotick.

We hope our members will find all the information they are looking for, both about plans for upcoming speakers and events and for the history of our Club.  We hope that local visitors to this site will find something of interest, perhaps enough to spark a desire to join us or, at least, to come to a meeting to see us at our best.  And we hope that visitors from further afield will  perhaps find inspiration to join their local chapter.

The Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the Tomkins Hall at
St. James' Anglican Church, Manotick, to provide fellowship and to hear a guest speaker.  Between meetings, visits and outings are arranged, to which the partners and guests of members are invited.
Click here for details of our purpose (our Raison d'Etre).
Click here for details of membership fees and Personal  Information Protection.

here for our Charter and 20th Anniversary Certificates

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